Missile Defense

Missile Defense 

We must develop as soon as possible a workable missile defense shield to protect ourselves and our allies. This is a generational on-going project. Naturally, there are always those (Democrats) who seek to endanger the Republic, and our allies, by cutting and/or delaying critically needed, civilization preserving programs.

The opponents of missile defense are the usual Liberals (now hiding behind their newest disguise label called "Progressives") firmly lodged in the Democrat Party, though some do try to infiltrate the Republican Party. 

They are properly called RINOs, (Republicans In Name Only. We see them in Congress and elsewhere functioning as turncoats, often they are GOP Congressmen and women. Hopefully they will be removed from committees, and finally from Congress, so they can no further obstruct the important work of the nation and humanity. 

Nothing has a higher priority than cleansing the Republican Party. In that process, we must always be constantly active in recruiting former Democrats to our side, especially minorities of every type, as these are the people Democrats prey on in particular. 

We must understand that people are not static, they can be moved, and do move, and we must go after every single voters's vote, understanding and loyalty. We must not leave any votes on the table. Every single voter must be sought after as part of a long range plan to Reform, Repair, and Restore the Republic.