Jones Act Repeal

Jones Act Repeal 

Obama being the Lefty he is, is married to the obsolete antique Jones Act because it is a crown jewel of the Anti-American Gangster Big Labor Bosses that Obama and the Democrats are in bed with.

Enacted in 1920, ostensibly to serve the National Interest by protecting the American Shipping and Ship Building industries, it has devolved over time under the tender loving care of the Liberals into a threat to the national interest. 

Its primary purpose today is to protect inefficient non-competitive featherbedding Labor Unions against competition from both American non-union, and foreign non-union, companies. 

Among other harms, it has prevented the deploying of the foreign aid ships of other countries during both Katrina and the Gulf Oil disasters. Bush wisely suspended it for Katrina, but Obama has conspicuously refused to do so  for the Gulf Oil disaster. 

Its repeal should be a first order of business for any new Conservative Congress. It is just one more piece of junk left over from the catastrophic New Deal that is still cluttering up, and strangling, our national life. 

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