Women as Victims

Women as Victims 

Birth Control Is A Male Thing 

Women are victims by their very nature. Biology for many reasons has equipped them well to play this role. Now, that doesn't mean women can't do any job a man can do, or that women on balance are any weaker than men, but it does mean that they are substantially different from men as a gender. 

But, such is human variability that men differ from men and women differ from women as much or more than they differ from men. In other words, there are lots of exceptions to every rule, but that certainly doesn't mean there is no place for rules and generalizations. It just means that we need to be cognizant of the likelihood of there being a lot of exceptions to any rule or generalization. 

All this being said, it is pertinent to use this understanding to explain some things. One of them is in the matter of reproduction, and the role that gender plays in it. Bottom line is, women take the blame for lots of things that are not their fault. It is their nature to cover up for their men folk. While women take the blame for our low birth rate, a more careful study indicates that fundamentally it is men who don't want children not women. 

It is just that women respond to what they think their men think, and act accordingly. If women think, (and for good reason,) that  most modern men want few or none children, they will speak and act out to enable the viewpoint that their men, (and men generally in their society,) have. 

They will get the abortions, they will get the contraceptive devices and use them and they will allow themselves to be sterilized, and take the blame for all this while leaving their men free to wash their hands of the whole matter. Long suffering women will docilely take the blame as is their feminine nature and God and nation will not have the children needed to preserve either God or Country. 

How women do this in all its detailed intricacies is a study in itself. 

Today, men manipulate women mainly by  ambivalence on matters of children, and by creating the manipulations of the larger society which they control. They will send signals to their wives in dozens of ways indicating what they want. Things like, "Well yes honey, I do love children, but we must plan..." or, "You know we have this mortgage to pay off, and I don't know how we will make it without your income...." 

It is in these subtle ways that women are told from birth that them having children is a conditional matter out of their hands. Why should any women risk her life and go through the labor of pregnancy and childbirth to produce a child that neither her worthless husband nor her devil possessed society wants? 

The manipulated woman just gives up and kills the her child with some form, method or procedure of birth control in order to satisfy the blood lust of both the ungodly man she married and the ungodly society he is a part of that he, and other men like him, has created. 


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