Money Making vs Keeping

Money Making vs Keeping

We live in a binary Universe on so many levels. One of the many instructive binaries is the two very different worlds of Making, and Keeping money. There are those who make it, and there are those who keep it, and these two types are most often in clear conflict with each other. 

For example, a partnership that works well, is often one between a “Maker” and a “Keeper” of Money. The former is typically the sales person, and the latter become the operations person that includes watching the finances with one eye to squirreling it away. These opposites work well together, but if you get two of the same type as partners the business is very likely to fail in one way or another, sooner or later. 

In general, too much of either of these types in an organization is poison, just the way too little of each of these ruins things. In nature as we developed over time, there was always a balance of nature between the hunter gatherer, and the farmer going back into pre-history. The hunter-gatherer lived from hand to mouth depending on what he could kill on a given day, while the farmer type would, by nature, be in the storage (savings) mode. 

Women, historically, have taken on the role of “Keeper” by preserving the results of the man’s hunting and gathering, and storing it away to feed the family during the winter. 

It is important for every person to understand which type they are, and to overcome the egotistic tendency in everyone to think of themselves as having both of these necessary skills. It would be great if a single person could exemplify both of these talents, but the odds are that it is simply not going to be the case. One or the other characteristic is sure to dominate in every person. 

Ideally, of course, all Makers should be Keepers, and all Keepers should be Makers. And if that were so we would have a good start on creating that perfect world we all dream of. 

This binary situation is just one of the reasons for God's very strong instruction to us to “love thy brother” for he, or she, as the case may be, is going to be the complementary half that we are not, and cannot be. 

NOTE: Concerning whether you are a Maker (Spender) or a Keeper (Saver), one way to find out which you are is to test yourself in this manner: Have you been able to keep savings (or investments) over a very long period of time without spending them no matter how dire the so-called "emergencies" you have faced? 

If you have keep substantial money-investments over a whole lifetime without ever spending them, then you are likely a Keeper-Saver. If you have not been able to do this, then you are likely a Maker-Spender. All the rationalizations in the world can't change the type you are, or have been demonstrated to have been. People can, and do, change but it is not easy, especially in this case. 


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