Media Bias

Media Bias

There is overwhelming Media bias, because there is no such thing as Media impartiality, fairness, objectivity, or any of that sort of Liberal clap-trap. All news is subjective, as is all of everything else. 

But, the best approach is to recognize this and act accordingly, rather than play the role of the hypocrite liar and pretend you are doing something that you are not doing, and cannot do in any case. 

Thus, the best cure for Media bias is competition in the purveying of the news and other sorts of information. Don't strive for a phony objectivity that cannot be delivered in any case. Far better is to just arrange, or allow, to the extent possible, every viewpoint to have its say, and then let the chips fall where they may.

This spurious idea of news objectivity has been hatched and fostered by "Schools of Journalism" trying to turn an art form, at best, into a pseudo "science." Even science is entirely subjective, while all the time protesting from the tops of its ivory towers that it is not. 

Every single person on earth has a world view that is totally unique to that person, and what one sees one way every other person sees another way. Yes Media Bias is bad, but the way to prevent it is NOT make more of it, pretending to be unbiased. 

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