Unemployment Extensions

Unemployment Extension

The Long Term Unemployed have, as usual, and by design, become a Leftwing political football: The forked tongue of these Lefties is nowhere more evident than in the current debate in Congress over extending Unemployment Benefits for the, so-called, long term unemployed. 

These bleeding heart Liberals cry gallons of crocodile tears about how much they "love" the unemployed and how tenderly they "feel their pain," BUT please folks take your eyes off of their blubbering long enough to pay attention to what do they actually DO? Fact is, they do the exact opposite of what would help these people. 

Conservatives have said repeatedly, (even though mistakenly from a National Welfare point of view) that they will vote for extending these benefits, BUT they refuse to allow the Libs to cynically "use" the Unemployed to advance their wasteful anti-American spending, and economically and socially destructive, agenda. 

The Right refuses to vote for a Far Left bill that would package extending the benefits with a bunch of other expensive and damaging porkulous boondoggles. Proof of Liberal ill-will is these same Obama supporters refuse to cut any wasteful government spending programs in order to pay for extending these benefits. 

The Left have cleverly tucked these poison pills into the spendaholic bill they have proposed. Then they have the nerve to complain that Conservatives will not vote for their swollen pork laden bill that would harm the nation, and the economy. 

They are, in effect, holding the Unemployed, (folks they say they love) hostage to get voted in other unrelated slush-fund Far Left agenda items. They refuse to cut any spending to pay for these extensions, and refuse to remove from the bill wasteful spending measures that Conservatives oppose. 

Draw your own conclusions as to who hates the Unemployed, and who indeed cares for them. 

Fact is, the slower the economy, the more everyone needs to tighten their belts, pull up their socks and get going. Nothing is accomplished by putting the Unemployed on Easy Street. There is proof shown over and over that people will tend not to go back to work UNTIL their taxpayer provided Unemployment Benefits run out and come close to running out. It is just human nature.

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